• In dark times, we move toward the light. We question what now appears untrue. We glimpse a new possible, a “new deal.”

  • Community is our greatest resource. Find a Think Tank on Poverty near you, and join us in our mission to end systemic poverty.

  • Check out People, Pandemic & Poverty - a newsletter of the Newark Think Tank on Poverty

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The Think Tank Mission

VOAN and the Think Tanks on Poverty work on community education, leadership development, coalition building, storytelling, strategy, and developing the power needed in the community to make the changes we seek -- one step at a time. We have obtained seats at the table and worked on a range of issues across Central Ohio, including addiction and recovery, housing and homelessness, criminal justice and reentry, broadband internet, and youth prevention.

The Think Tanks on Poverty seek to give voice to working and poor people to challenge the systemic issues that keep them in poverty.  Systemic change is of two kinds -- We may change a policy or law, but the most important and long-lasting systemic change is when we change how decisions are made so they include working and poor people. While doing this primary work, we also attempt to address hunger, employment, transportation, housing, injustice, and other basic needs of our organizing members so that they may continue building the community.

What we're up to now:


A New Deal that Works for Us

October 3, 10, 17, 24| 10AM – 12PM

We need a New Deal for Ohio and Appalachia.  

We Ohioans like to take care of our own. As citizens, community organizations, and public officials we do what we can. But the problems we face are bigger than we can solve with only local resources, and unmet community needs have only grown during the pandemic. Our communities need safe daycare and recreational options for our children, affordable housing, broadband access,  accessible clean energy infrastructure, living wage jobs, drug treatment programs, and more.




People, Pandemic, & Poverty - A newsletter of the Newark Think Tank on Poverty 

THE NEXT "RELIEF" BILLAUG 26, 2020 | In order to vote, we need to know the issues. Sometimes the issues are a matter of life and death. With 170,000 dead from Covid 19 and the economy reeling, three proposals have emerged to address the problem. Meanwhile people are running out of money, unemployment claims are surging, and evictions are beginning to mount. CONTINUE READING
DOES TODAY MATTER IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES?AUG 03, 2020 | When I hear our elected officials say we must open up and put our children in school in the fall regardless of the seriousness of the virus, I cringe and feel the vomit rise in my throat. We all know our children need to go to school. We all know that the social distancing is not good for them or anyone for that matter. We all know we must work hard and make tough decisions. None of this is shocking to anyone. What is shocking, disgusting and ridiculous is having someone who does not know these struggles try to decide what we as a community need. CONTINUE READING