Think Tank News in 2019

The Perry Tribune: Preparing for a Complete Count

NEW LEXINGTON — Representative for the Perry County Think Tank on Poverty met with the Perry County Commissioners on Wednesday last week to discuss preparing for the 2020 United States Census. The Think Tank proposed the creation of a Complete Count Committee, something that a census bureau representative recommended a few weeks ago.  To read more, click here


The Newark Advocate: Mayor Confronted on Newark Homeless Issue after Council Meeting

NEWARK – Frustration over Newark's homeless problem dominated Monday night's City Council meeting and continued well after it ended when citizens confronted the mayor about his administration's response to homeless camps in the city. Mitchell Boden, who said he was homeless in the 1990s and again for all of 2015, spoke during the meeting, summed up the feelings of several speakers... To read more, click here


The Perry Tribune: Coffey Describes Upcoming Construction to Commission

NEW LEXINGTON — The Perry County Board of Commissioners had a busy morning for their weekly public meeting on Thursday, April 11. A total of eight presentations made their way onto the day’s agenda. The order of business was the opening of sealed bids by Perry County Engineer Kent Cannon. The bid was for the county’s yearlong supply for aggregate. Two bids were heard. Maysville Materials and Shelley entered bids. The commissioners took both bids under advisement... To read more, click here


The Newark Advocate: Residents Express Outrage Over Removal of Homeless Camps to City Council 

NEWARK – Citizens packed City Council chambers Monday night to express concern for the homeless and dismay with the city's response to the in tents even in bitter cold. The removal of three homeless camps infuriated some residents, who claim city officials lack the compassion for the homeless, who they said ha nowhere to go except to set up another camp somewhere else... To read more, click here


Zanesville Recorder: Few Participating in Housing Survey 

The Perry Tribune: Frustration Expressed Over Lack of Broadband

This Week Community News: Youth-Led Groups Impact Substance Abuse Prevention 

The Perry Tribune: Think Tank Hosts Potluck Dinner

The Perry Tribune: Dedicated to Solving Poverty in Perry County