A Broken System and the People Who Depend on It

Things seem to just be getting worse, don’t they? Who exactly are they getting worse for, and why?

Unemployment is soaring across the nation. Claims reached 190,000 near the end of March, which is second only to the 1981 recession. In Ohio, laid off workers want assurance from the government that the unemployment compensation system will be able to support them through this period.

The new “relief” bill just passed opens up and increases eligibility requirements, benefits, and even the duration of help provided.  Still, people are finding it difficult to get the process started as the system cannot handle the new surge of applicants

Like the problem of scarce medical equipment needed to combat the epidemic, we wonder if we could have been better prepared. We wonder why we were not prepared when it was clear this epidemic was going to be a problem months before the federal government stopped referring to it as “just a flu,” an "impeachment scam," and a “hoax.”

Laid off workers have pressing needs: rent, food, mortgages, health care, transportation. We need to know that we will be getting resources to address these needs. It is good that the government authorized these resources, but due to the inadequate, poorly planned system by which we apply, it is by no means clear that we will receive these resources in time to avert financial disaster.

Nearly a third of Americans can’t pay the rent this month. Can you pay yours?


Allen Schwartz

Chris Maddox



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