Poem by Donna Gibson

*Poem can be read from top to bottom and from bottom to top


Who am I what do you see?


Maybe You think that I’m not smart or maybe too lazy to work.

Maybe you think I like camping full time or spit-bathing in a creek.

I could say I am sometimes your neighbor; 

sometimes behind your shed is the only safe space to sleep


I mean no disrespect; I don’t want you to feel afraid.

With every day I wake up with less and less sleep. 

I feel like I lose some part of who I am 

and who I thought I might grow up to be.


At times I might look dirty or soaked through from the rain. 

Sometimes I don’t feel so good, but I walk on just the same.

I always carry my bag; it has everything I own inside.


Who am I what do you see?


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