An Unresponsive Federal Government + Lack of PPE = Crisis

Though a pandemic like the one we are experiencing has been predicted for years, our government found itself poorly prepared when it actually happened.

Enough Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) necessary to fight the virus and save lives is not available. Inmates at Ohio prisons are helping to meet the crisis by manufacturing the safety equipment


But in confined spaces like jails and prisons the virus can be especially lethal. Are the inmates themselves being protected? One inmate in an Ohio prison made a video of the dangers he faces. 


What is being done to address this shortage of desperately needed equipment? Governors across the country are loudly calling on an unresponsive federal government to do all it can to address this shortage and save lives. 

Trump has had the power to address medical supply shortages. Why hasn't he used it more?

Elie Honig writes that with the stroke of a pen, Trump has the power to use the DPA to get crucial lifesaving equipment to the states and medical professionals who need it most.


Across the state and here locally in Licking County people are calling on the criminal justice system to release some inmates to reduce the risk to this vulnerable population. The Licking County jail population was recently decreased by 26%.


Clearly, more needs to be done to protect the most vulnerable of our neighbors, our family, our friends. 




  1. Call or write or US representatives and senators. Demand that the federal government use its power to require companies to manufacture PPE, and coordinate its distribution to stop price gouging.
  2. Call or write our county commissioners probation departments and prosecutors to encourage them to continue reducing the population in our county jail.
  3. Work with local grassroots organizations and the Licking County Reentry Coalition to protect the rights of the incarcerated and to support them when released in their struggle to defeat the virus.


Chris Maddox

Allen Schwartz 

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