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This is where you can find all the documents, invoices, receipts, etc that have to do with the CARES Act.



Click above to download a copy of the grant document sent to the city. 

Grant Expenditures

This Google Sheet shows how much has been spent and on what, and how much is left under each grant expenditure.

1) The first tab is a general accounting of the spending
2) The second tab is what we've purchased from Walmart specifically
3) The third tab is what we've purchased from Amazon specifically
4) The fourth tab is what we've purchased from the SVDP thrift store specifically
5) The fifth tab is what I used to track where we're buying things from.



Requesting Items

Email the Reimbursements and Invoices account ([email protected]) with:

1) The name of the item

2) The amount (example: 2 bottles of cleaner; 10 Mac & Cheese cups) 

3) The date you want it delivered by

4) The URL of the item (preferably from Walmart or Amazon / if it is from Walmart someone will need to pick it up from the Zanesville location). Things go out of stock quickly and not all items will ship fast enouth, so what you receive might not be the exact brand you sent. 

5) Wendy will respond to all emails ASAP

6) If it is an emergency item needed on a short time frame, then call or text Wendy directly. Be sure to indicate your request is pertaining to the CARES act so it can be properly approved and documented.

7) As we are a nonprofit that is tax-exempt, we need to purchase things centrally for the grant through our Amazon (where the tax exempt status is alreay set up).