Does Today Matter if Tomorrow Never Comes?

When I hear our elected officials say we must open up and put our children in school in the fall regardless of the seriousness of the virus, I cringe and feel the vomit rise in my throat. We all know our children need to go to school. We all know that the social distancing is not good for them or anyone for that matter. We all know we must work hard and make tough decisions. None of this is shocking to anyone. What is shocking, disgusting and ridiculous is having someone who does not know these struggles try to decide what we as a community need.

Our president says if we don’t open schools in the fall, he will cut federal aid to states that do not comply, but if our children get sick and bring that sickness home those federal funds won’t mean anything will they? 

It is a serious catch twenty-two that is being forced on the public. States are trying to create guidelines to keep our children safe, but the government says if we have strict guidelines for safety, we will be penalized for it. I say cut the crap!  Our children are the future and they deserve us looking after their well- being. We need strict, smart guidelines. 

We must also protect our teachers.  How are you able to teach if you are in fear for you and your family’s health every day?  Again, I say cut the crap! I say dear government leaders, if you have no clue then shut up!  Don’t for one moment pretend that you know how parents who are struggling financially feel and how they feel about these decisions they must make to keep their kids safe.  Do not attempt to push your agenda onto these families who are scared. Do not pretend that you get it when you don’t. 

We need leaders who understand the people who are being served in our community. If you don’t know, it’s all right. Just move over and let those who do get it take over. We need to stop fighting for votes and start fighting for life.  If we don’t choose wisely today, we won’t have any tomorrow to worry about.


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By Donna Gibson