Eviction Update and Resources in Newark

The state of evictions across the state (and across the nation) are extremely confusing and constantly changing. One of our members, Linda Mossholder, worked up a brief and extremely helpful summary of the state of evictions in Newark. 

Updates on State of Evictions in Newark

  • Licking County Municipal Court has resumed hearing eviction cases, but has a bit of a backlog. 
  • Money is available to catch up on rent, but for most housing, landlords are not required to accept late rent, and can move forward with eviction.
  • Federally subsidized housing and rental properties with federally insured mortgages are still under an eviction moratorium through the CARES Act, will continue until July 25 


CARES Moratorium

This is a good outline of the CARES moratorium. Subsidized properties can start eviction actions again on July 25. Click the PDF button below. 


Good websites to check for information:

Federal mortgage database (4+ units)

Federal subsidy properties (need to create login to use)


Rental Assistance

Funds are available if inability to pay rent is related to COVID 19. The following agencies may be able to assist people with rental assistance.

Job And Families Service: The PRC call center is still taking applications for those who need help with rent and utilities: 740-670-8706

Salvation Army has some funds for rental and utility assistance and you have to call to make an appointment with them: 740-345-8120

Licking County Coalition for Housing: Call 740-345-1979 for an appointment