Green Stimulus Package

The GSP is a proposed piece of legislation to create a massive federal investment in millions of new jobs with job training and new infrastructure that will address the crisis of global warming which will negatively and permanently change our planet in the next few years.

Can you imagine? Living in Newark, looking out your window at all the changes?

  • The Corona 19 pandemic is over. Everyone has received the vaccination and the virus is under control.


  • Electric buses go by, filled with people who no longer need to rely on a car or walk.


  • Houses in our neighborhood are being retrofitted to solar and green building materials. Your house is next on the list.


  • People we know are working jobs that pay a family sustaining wage in Newark and no longer have to commute to Columbus to get a better paying job.


  • New houses and buildings are going up that will be close to public transportation.


  • There is a clean-up going on of our rivers and streams and it is safe to swim and fish. We don’t have to drive to the country to admire the green space.


  • There are solar panels on most buildings, while the electric and gas we get for our homes are coming from sustainable and renewable sources. People aren’t living in fear of having their service cut off due to nonpayment. Prices are now affordable.


  • Everybody in the neighborhood has public access to the internet. Some people are now able to work from home.


  • Jobs that people used to take just to get by are all different. The way we get our food, clothes, and other materials in the new economy is now designed to protect people and the planet.  The jobs we can get now make us the priority!


  • People are healthier. Our neighbors are not talking as much about their family’s latest crisis with asthma, job injuries, cancer, diabetes, car accidents, medical bills, etc. People now are sharing positive stories and people seem to be more relaxed and happier.


What is going on? Amazing isn't it? 

These ideas are one pen stroke and a movement away We need a green stimulus to rebuild the economy. Most Americans are in favor of a huge investment NOW in green technology and public green investment.

What are we waiting for? Congress must act now! 

Read more and sign the letter here.