The Perry County Think Tank on Poverty has been working to raise awareness on the impact of lack of broadband access in small town and rural communities. We hosted a kick-off webinar in June 2020 to explore the general impact around lack of broadband, as well as a town hall focused on healthcare (telehealth and telemedicine) and broadband in July 2020. 







Zanesville Citizen Housing Connection


Are you or someone you know facing eviction? Get Help.

The ZCHC will work with you to help keep you off the street.

We offer free advice on your rights and someone to work with you and your landlord to find a way to keep you in your home.

Don’t wait until your day in court. Contact ZCHC now. 

We will work as hard as you do to keep you in your home.

Give us a call or email us for more information.

(740) 273-8136 | [email protected]

Harm Reduction and COVID 19 Webinars

The Think Tanks on Poverty Organized a Webinar Series

Are you or a loved one impacted by addiction? Want to learn how you can help, especially in the time of COVID? View the four-part webinar series that highlighted the stories of those impacted by addiction and how your faith community can play a key role in changing the stigma around addiction. 


People, Pandemic, & Poverty: A Newark Think Tank on Poverty Newsletter

The Newark Think Tank on Poverty is uniting to create a local source of information for our community members: People, Pandemic, & Poverty, 

Our community is facing an enormous public health crisis, the Covid 19 pandemic. In response to the crisis, we have created People, Pandemic, & Poverty - An NTTP Newsletter to make sure that ALL citizens can get needed information and perspective easily. The Newark Think Tank on Poverty wants to make sure that the system - its policies, resources, and decision making practices - serve ALL of our citizens equally. We work to educate the community about the issues we face, and we raise the voice of the working, poor and marginalized people so that we can move forward with needed changes.

We welcome your responses, suggestions and submissions. We are working to bring the community together - individuals, grassroots organizations, social service agencies, and forward looking government officials - to create a community that is just and fair, a community in which we can stay safe, stay informed, and stay connected!
If you'd like to become involved with People, Pandemic, & Poverty, then please contact us at [email protected].
Let us Hear Your Voice! 







When I hear our elected officials say we must open up and put our children in school in the fall regardless of the seriousness of the virus, I cringe and feel the vomit rise in my throat. We all know our children need to go to school. We all know that the social distancing is not good for them or anyone for that matter. We all know we must work hard and make tough decisions. None of this is shocking to anyone. What is shocking, disgusting and ridiculous is having someone who does not know these struggles try to decide what we as a community need. CONTINUE READING



The Newark Think Tank launches a new project aimed at helping to end the stigma surrounding addiction. CONTINUE READING


Sometimes a folk song, like the one above, that has lived on for years gets to the heart of the matter. With the possibility of a post pandemic economic recovery being the only hope for the Trump election campaign, the governments, both federal and state, are “opening America for business.” Here’s how one local worker feels about going back to work. CONTINUE READING


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