Let's Not Wait Another Thirty Years; We Are Smarter than That

Let's get smarter, if only for our children's sake. A poem by Donna Gibson. 

Let us take it all the way this time America.  Let us make it right

We have many times before taken a stand and demanded equality and justice

We have many times made declarations and been promised that things will get better

We need to say show me better now not later we don’t need any more broken promises

We need action, reaction and accountability

Let us stay on task this time let us not accept more broken pledges and pre-election lies

Say what you mean and mean what you say.   

If the government is so uncomfortable with protests and protesters then start listening to the people who are struggling. 

Make our world safer for our children; allow them to grow and dream. 

Black lives matter today and tomorrow.  We need more than just words and promises to keep our friends, families and neighbors safe. 

We are no longer asking, we are demanding change now!