Zanesville Think Tank on Poverty

The ZTTP has had government leaders, city council, legal aid, criminal justice, United Way, and a range of community service providers attend our meetings and participate. A poverty simulation with the United Way and engagement with the city about rumored evictions of some of the most vulnerable in the city moved the ZTTP into the issues of affordable housing and renter's rights.

They have voted and decided to work on a number of issues, including housing, reentry, and addressing homelessness and they are also concerned with the impact of substance abuse and addiction on children and families. 

The ZTTP has presented to the City Council and has been in dialogue with the prosecuting attorney working on rehousing issues. They are presently working on educating residents and renters of their rights, supporting the city survey on housing, and advocating for the expansion of recovery housing, like the Pearl House, and other projects that would meet the needs of low-income income residents.  


Newark Think Tank on Poverty

The NTTP has been successful in working with the local community, elected officials, and other agencies on a range of issues. They championed "Ban the Box" legislation in 2015. By doing so, they were able to get a local law passed by the city council and saw a similar law passed at the statehouse. They then held a series of public events, educating employers about barriers to reentry.

They formed a working group made up of formerly incarcerated people to plan a stakeholder half-day session. They launched The Licking County Reentry Coalition with a buy-in from a wide range of stakeholders. In 2018, they held a countywide town hall with Newark City Schools on addiction and recovery. They have also worked on a range of other issues, like access to public drinking fountains for the homeless, transportation, gentrification, jobs, and more. 


Perry County Think Tank on Poverty

The PCTTP has had judges, government leaders, and a range of community service providers attend our meetings and participate. We link with everyday residents and people who have stories to tell so that we can build a voice of regular citizens working together on the issues that impact their lives.

They voted and decided to work on a number of issues, including access to broadband through the Broadband4Ohio campaign they launched. The PCTTP has presented to the County Commissioners and is presently working with the County, Emergency Medical Systems, schools district, USDA, and other local, state, and federal government leaders on broadband internet. They are also working to explore how to address homelessness and reentry in the community.

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