Masked With Heart Strings

I wear a mask every day, not near as long as some but longer than others.  I sweat more, I get annoyed sometimes. I think damn, why am I doing something that brings me no pleasure and is uncomfortable as hell? Then I look up at the sky, and I look around at people just trying to live another day, and I remember it is not just me that I am trying to keep safe by wearing this thing across my lips and over my nose.  

When I wear this thing, when I wash it and keep it clean as I do my clothes, I know that I am helping to protect some one’s mom, sister, brother, cousin, aunt, child and friend. So, every time I think that I am willing to risk me by not wearing it, I also have to think about who I may put at risk by choosing not to wear it.

I will continue to wear my mask and I will continue to deal with those annoying feelings I get when I wear it and I will continue to think about others and their right to be safe. I will continue to avoid that selfish feeling we all get sometimes and I will do my part to help protect others. So, every time you feel like your rights have been violated by being asked to wear a mask, think about all those lives you may be violating by not taking the time to wear that mask in public.

I don’t know about you, but I kind of think life supersedes my personal rights any day of the week. We will get through this if we all come together safely and with a heart for protecting life!


Click here to visit the Ohio Coronavirus portal. 


By Donna Gibson

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