Mental Well-being in the Time of COVID 19

COVID-19 virus made people all over the world rethink every aspect of their lives. Social distancing became the new norm, and so did isolation. The experience of isolation is the physical separation from other people, while loneliness is an emotional state of feeling alone or separated. This can lead to feelings of anxiety, worry, fear, confusion, and depression, as well as a host of other severe emotions.  


These feelings are fast becoming a part of our everyday lives. Whether you are in isolation with family or alone, there are many things you can do to alleviate these feelings. Finding what works best for you personally is important. 


Exercise is a great tool to improve physical and mental health.  

It doesn’t mean you must lift weights or run a mile. Putting on some music, singing (who cares if you can’t sing well, we are in isolation), toe tapping finger snapping and bopping back and forth works wonders. 


Get creative if you are on lockdown with your children. 

A family I work with decided to pretend they were a royal family living in a remote castle.  Everyone dressed up for dinner. Mom pulled out her fancy platter and glasses. Everyone worked together to create costumes.(Mom said she was able to teach a little etiquette and some communication skills at the same time).


Send emails, letters or video chat with others can also be a great motivator.  

Doing this regularly will help push those feelings of being alone farther away. 


Stop looking at those news sources constantly. 

Educate yourself on what is happening in your community, then stop for the day. Like the serenity prayer states “accept what I cannot change and the courage to accept what I can” and most important “the wisdom to know the difference”. 


Don’t hold onto negative thoughts or allow yourself the addition of new ones.  

This does nothing for us except create doubt in ourselves, our abilities and over time will make us sick.


Avoid getting lost in negative thinking.

The inclination to engage in negative conversations will inevitably put you right in the middle of conflict. Most of it doesn’t make sense anyway. People are struggling just as you are. A little kindness and humor go a long way towards the creation of peace and happiness. It’s okay to laugh at some parts of your situation. Remember these are unchartered waters we are all rowing in.


And finally...

Since we all have a little time on our hands lets take time to fill the census online.  This supports programming and dollars for our community.  Our future and our children’s future depends upon the funds the census can and will provide. 


Donna Gibson

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