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The Newark Think Tank on Poverty (NTTP) was founded in 2014. It is made up of community members in Newark and Licking County, Ohio who have experienced barriers in obtaining work that provides a livable wage, safe housing, affordable healthcare, and accessible transportation. The Newark Think Tank on Poverty is now independent and operates with location leadership in Newark. 


The Newark Think Tank has been very successful in working with the local community, elected officials, and other agencies on a range of issues. They championed "Ban the Box" legislation in 2015, getting a local law passed by the city council, and helping to see a similar law passed at the statehouse. They then held a series of public events, educating employers about barriers to reentry. They formed a working group made up of formerly incarcerated people to plan a stakeholder half-day session and then launched The Licking County Reentry Coalition with the buy-in from a wide range of stakeholders. In 2018, the NTTP held a countywide town hall with Newark City Schools on addiction and recovery. They have also worked on a range of other issues, like access to public drinking fountains for the homeless, transportation, gentrification, jobs, and more. 

The Newark Think Tank launches a new project aimed at helping to end the stigma surrounding addiction.

For More Information 

To learn more about the Newark Think Tank on Poverty and their current work, please visit their Facebook Page for details on upcoming meetings and gatherings. Additionally, you can watch "Up River" a documentary produced by Doug Swift, and Wild Iris Video about the first year of the Newark Think Tank. 

Have more questions or want to get updated about the NTTP? Please email or call Lesha Farias at (740) 616-8608 | [email protected]


In The News (Archive)

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