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For the last two months, the Perry County Think Tank on Poverty has been working to raise awareness on the impact of lack of broadband access in small town and rural communities. We hosted a kick-off webinar in June to explore the general impact around lack of broadband, as well as a town hall focused on healthcare (telehealth and telemedicine) and broadband in July. 
This month, we are holding an Education & Rural Broadband Town Hall on August 25th, Tuesday | 6pm - 7:30pm to discuss the relationship between education and broadband access. 




The PCTTP was formed in 2018 by local leaders involved with the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry decided that we needed a Think Tank in the region to address the structural issues that keep people in need of food pantries at all. 1 in 2 Perry County residents are low income and struggle to meet their basic needs. 



We have had judges, government leaders, and a range of community service providers attend our meetings and participate. We link with everyday residents and people who have stories to tell so that we can build a voice of regular citizens working together on the issues that impact their lives.

We have voted and decided to work on a number of issues, including access to broadband, reentry, and addressing homelessness.  We are also concerned with the impact of substance abuse and addiction on children and families. 

The PCTTP has presented to the County Commissioners and is presently working with the County, Emergency Medical Systems, schools district, USDA, and other local and federal government leaders on broadband internet. We are also working to explore how to address homelessness and reentry in the community.



PCTTP monthly meetings are free and open to the public. Dates and locations may vary. Please see the Calendar tab above or our Facebook page below for updated meeting information. 


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You can like our Facebook page here for meeting information and relevant articles. If you have further questions, you can visit our Contact page, contact Lesha Farias at (740) 334-2152, or email us at [email protected]


PCTTP in the news

Think Tank talks medical services and broadband

NEW LEXINGTON — When it comes to internet access, basic broadband is a much needed resource especially for medical services. The Perry County Think Tank on Poverty held another virtual town hall; this time discussing the approximate 88.2 percent of rural counties in the nation that are considered medically underserved. To read more, click here

The Perry Tribune: Think Tank to Address Broadband at Virtual Town Hall

NEW LEXINGTON — In what seems like deja vu, basic broadband is still one of the most discussed issues in the county as it remains scarce across the Perry County landscape. In an effort to continue the conversation, one local advocacy group is planning a town hall to address the issues.

According to the Perry County Think Tank on Poverty, basic broadband has been one of the primary concerns of the group. The scarcity of basic broadband in the southeastern county has affected individuals of all ages. To read more, click here

The Perry Tribune: Preparing for a Complete Count

NEW LEXINGTON — Representative for the Perry County Think Tank on Poverty met with the Perry County Commissioners on Wednesday last week to discuss preparing for the 2020 United States Census. The Think Tank proposed the creation of a Complete Count Committee, something that a census bureau representative recommended a few weeks agoTo read more, click here



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