Let's Not Wait Another Thirty Years; We Are Smarter than That

Let's get smarter, if only for our children's sake. A poem by Donna Gibson.  Continue reading

Eviction Update and Resources in Newark

The state of evictions across the state (and across the nation) are extremely confusing and constantly changing. One of our members, Linda Mossholder, worked up a brief and extremely helpful summary of the state of evictions in Newark.  Continue reading

Green Stimulus Package

The GSP is a proposed piece of legislation to create a massive federal investment in millions of new jobs with job training and new infrastructure that will address the crisis of global warming which will negatively and permanently change our planet in the next few years. Continue reading

We just came here to work; we didn't come here to die

Sometimes a folk song, like the one above, that has lived on for years gets to the heart of the matter. With the possibility of a post pandemic economic recovery being the only hope for the Trump election campaign, the governments, both federal and state, are “opening America for business.” Here’s how one local worker feels about going back to work: Continue reading

Going Back to Work - What do we do with our kids?

They flipped the switch. With many states still showing rising or steady infection and death rates, the federal and state governments, against the guidelines set by our top public health experts, have sent the country back to work.  One of the many problems this raises for working parents is that of childcare. “Child care is the issue that has gotten the least attention in discussions about employees returning to work. As states begin to slowly reopen and return employees to work, working parents are left wondering who will care for their children if schools, day cares and camps are closed.” One Think Tank Member writes: Continue reading

An Interview with Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson is a young activist in Zanesville, Ohio. He recently helped lead a Black Lives Matter march in Zanesville along with fellow activist, Melissa Dickinson. The march stretched from Zanes Landing, ended at the courthouse, and lasted two and a half hours. The protest included speeches by activists and participants, poetry readings, and a moment of silence to honor all who have lost their lives to police brutality.  Continue reading

Introduction to Issue 3

The chickens come home to roost.  Continue reading

Election 2020

This may be the most fearful election in a lifetime. It is clear that federal policy over the last four years has failed to deal with the environmental crisis or the public health crisis. The stakes are incredibly high and the future is uncertain. But one thing is clear. Never before have we needed more good leadership from our elected officials, and a grassroots movement to make that happen.  Continue reading


Is there any hope that things will change for the better as a result of the pandemic? This article explains real proposals and bills in Congress that would bring greater equality and justice to the American people and protections for the planet. Continue reading