The Newark Think Tank on Poverty is uniting to create a local source of information for our community members: People, Pandemic, & Poverty - An NTTP Newsletter.  Continue reading

An Unresponsive Federal Government + Lack of PPE = Crisis

Though a pandemic like the one we are experiencing has been predicted for years, our government found itself poorly prepared when it actually happened. Continue reading

A Broken System and the People Who Depend on It

Things seem to just be getting worse, don’t they? Who exactly are they getting worse for, and why? Continue reading

Corona Blues: The Unequal Effects on Black Populations and the Poor

Across America, from Milwaukee to Chicago, from New Orleans to Detroit, urban poor communities are being ravaged by the coronavirus. The media has been quick to point out the disparity in terms of race: in Michigan, for example, black residents made up around 40 percent of coronavirus deaths as of April 9, even though only about 14 percent of the population is black. Continue reading

Mental Well-being in the Time of COVID 19

COVID-19 virus made people all over the world rethink every aspect of their lives. Social distancing became the new norm, and so did isolation. The experience of isolation is the physical separation from other people, while loneliness is an emotional state of feeling alone or separated. This can lead to feelings of anxiety, worry, fear, confusion, and depression, as well as a host of other severe emotions.   Continue reading