In a digital age, rural Ohioans are being left behind. Join us as we discuss broadband internet and how to bring it to those who need it.

Rural Broadband Town Hall

We are pleased to invite you to the Rural Broadband Town Hall on June 18th hosted by the Perry County Think Tank on Poverty! 

From the moment we began hosting listening sessions in Perry County to ask residents what was holding them back, broadband internet has been the primary concern. Without broadband, students can't do their homework, medical equipment doesn't function properly, remote jobs are virtually impossible, and communities are unable to thrive both economically and socially. 

What it comes down to: Rural and small town Ohioans are being left behind. 

The Rural Broadband Town Hall is only the beginning of a sustained effort by the PCTTP and partners to bring communities together around the extremely negative impacts of lack of broadband. 

The Perry County Think Tank on Poverty realizes that information is power. To that end, we are hosting a Rural Broadband Town Hall on June 18th, Thursday | 6pm - 8pm. This is both a video and call-in town hall. This means that if you have a phone, you can attend regardless of internet connection. Additionally, it will be streamed live on Facebook.

We have gathered a broad spectrum of professionals together to discuss the issue of broadband in rural Ohio. Our speakers include: 

  • Jim Edwards - Nelsonville TV
  • Peter Voderburg - Chief of BroadbandOhio
  • Misty Crosby - Buckeye Hills Regional Council
  • Casey Coffey - New Lexington Superintendent
  • Tom Reid - President of Reid Consulting Group
  • David Brown - Southeast Ohio Broadband Cooperative

It is our hope that this conversation and those that follow will both educate and energize the public on a subject that directly impacts their lives and communities. 



  • June 18, 2020 at 6:00pm – 8pm
  • Lesha Farias